Miguel Romea

Born in Madrid, Miguel Romea studied in the Madrid Superior Conservatory where he obtained the Masters Degree and was awarded First Extraordinary Prize . He moved to Holland and Austria to the Rotterdam and Salzburg Mozarteum Conservatories. He also studied clarinet, harmony, counterpoint, fugue, composition , etc.

Mr Romea began his conducting career in 2002 as Assistant Conductor of Madrid Youth symphony Orchestra. He worked there with conductors as Yuri Nashuskin, Lorenzo Ramos, etc. After two years he was named Chief Conductor of the Extremadura Youth Orchestra (Ojex). His many accomplishments with this orchestra have been remarkable, specially the Beethoven Symphonies. Under his baton the Extremadura Youth Symphony has developed to become one of the most reknown youth orchestras, performing in Spain, Portugal and Italy. He held this position until January 2013.

He is Chief Conductor and Artistic Director of Verum Symphony Orchestra since 2009. First professional Symphonic Orchestra in Castilla la Mancha, Spain, most of the musicians taking part in this orchestra are the outstanding new generation of spanish classical musicians. Some of the most important success are the productions of The Rite of Spring by Stravinsky, The Song of the Earth by Mahler , Fantastic Symphony of Berlioz, etc.

From 2004 to 2014 he is also Chief Conductor of Beethoven Philharmonic in Campo de Criptana. This is one of the oldest and most respected musical societies in Spain. He has conducted it around Spain , France and Holland.

As guest conductor Mr Romea has conducted on a regular basis orchestras as the National Orchestra of Spain, Madrid Orchestra  ORCAM, Cordoba Symphony, Extremadura Symphony, Andres Segovia Symphony, Orfeon Donostiarra, Symphony Wind Band of Madrid, El Paso Symphony, etc.

Also, his commitment to Youth orchestras is strong and continuous. He appears frequently conducting Spanish Youth Symphony orchestra, Montreal Youth Orchestra, Madrid Youth Symphony, Extremart Ensemble, Musikene, Conservatory of Aragon, etc.

He has conducted some world premieres, as the Operas : “Yo lo vi” by Tomás Marco and “Escenas de una vida cotidiana” by Marisa Manchado, the Violin concerto of “Juan Medina”, Cáceres Concerto of Joaquin Clerch, and many other by J.L. Turina, Greco .

Mr Romea is also teacher of  Orchestral Conducting at the University of Madrid Alfonso X. He is one of the most reputed pedagogues of orchestral Conducting since 2008, and gives master-classes of conducting throughout Spain.